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2022 so far

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

I know the year is not over yet, we still have 2 months in 2022 but I felt like writing what my year has been up to now.

Well I remember at the end of 2021 saying that 2022 would be better, would be a good year. It would be very easy to say it has not been one, not at all.

  • Two members of my family died at the beginning of the year (and one at the end of 2021), another one almost died too this year.

  • I lost my permanent job and was not treated well at all by the people there.

  • Was unemployed for a short time.

  • Still doing temp job as I haven't found a new permanent job so I still don't have stability back in my life.

  • My rent is due to increase a lot along with the increase of the cost of living...etc

But I don't think the year has been bad. Yes I had to deal with very difficult situations. Yes sometimes I get triggered and I cry. But it's ok.

  • This year I have met new friends, I have met my tribe. People who have the same vibration as me and who gets me and are there for me. And I am very grateful for it.

  • This year I was given the chance to do some more healing on myself. And I am very grateful for it.

  • This year I was forced to leave a job and people who were not good for me anymore. And I am very grateful for it.

  • This year I got the chance to meet new people and share my energy with them, even for a short time. Like one of my friends tells me, I am a fairy and I springle my magic everywhere I go. And I am very grateful for it.

This year has changed me, allowed me to grow and become more and more who I am supposed to be. And it is not finished. Yes I'm still doing temp job and I still live in the same flat even if I've been wanting to move somewhere else for years but there is something big coming my way, something very positive. I know it. This year has been and is still a good year. I am ready to receive all the good/positive that is coming to me.

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