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Comfort zone

You all have heard at least once in your life the words "comfort zone" and probably never paid any intention to it and continued to live your life.

What is the comfort zone?

Well it is your habits, your routine, your little "train, train quotidien" like we say in French, what you are used to do and you like it and don't want to change anything even if you're not happy.

It is a job you don't like anymore but you don't look for a new one because you are scared of the unknown, It is a relationship you are not happy in but you don't break up with that person because you are scared of the unknown.

People who stay in their comfort zone are scared. Scared of what would happen if they take a risk, make a change in their life. What they don't realise is that it is always worth it to go outside your comfort zone and take that leap of faith. When you're not happy with a situation, relationship it is a sign there is something/someone better for you out there and to get it you need to take a leap of faith and go outside your comfort zone. Yes it is scary but once you have done it is wonderful. Change is a good thing.

So, you there, who are reading this. Take that leap of faith and make that decision you know deep down you need to make and should have made a long time ago. Everything is going to be ok, you will be ok. The Universe always has your back. Trust yourself, you can do it.

There is a better job for you out there, your mister/miss right is already there for you etc...


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