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Example of card reading: special Twin Flames

This evening, I did a relationship card reading special Twin Flames that I posted on my Facebook page. I'm puting it here for you as an example of a card reading and guidance. This is a general reading that will not resonate with everybody.

What is the message for Twin Flames– 18/04/2021

Your guides are telling you that your twin is still emotionally dependent on the person they are currently in a relationship with. Your guides are telling you that this person is superficial, manipulative and that your twin is in a crisis because they do not know how to get out of this situation. They feel trapped in this relationship.

Your guides are telling you that your twin is healing their emotional wounds of rejection and betrayal, which are the main emotional wounds that keep them from coming towards you. They also have to solve family problems and forgive their parents before they can come to you. Once they have freed themselves from their past, once freed from this emotional dependence, your twin will have an awareness, they will be able to live the present moment and "see" that you are there and that you are. the person they've been waiting for.

Your guides are telling you that everything is going to move quickly and that you are going to find each other, to meet each other. Your twin will contact you to offer to see you. Your guides are telling you that this meeting could happen around summer, the sunny days. Your guides tell you that there is a great passion between you and your other and that they feel it: they desire you and are becoming aware of this desire. Your guides are telling you that your twin will realise how sacred this relationship is, they are really going to realise the very special bond you have.

Your guides are telling you that with your twin there will be a fusion of feelings, your twin loves you with unconditional love and they will want to live this love with you and not reject it anymore. Your guides are telling you about an upcoming move, everything is moving forward for your sacred relationship.

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