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Happy New Year / Bonne année!

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Happy New Year everybody! 2020 is finally over so we can now concentrate of creating a better year for all of us. I've not done much in 2020, I mean in creating, as I mainly knitted which for me is not really creating. But it was really helping relax as in 2020 I had to deal with a lot of anxiety.

It looks like 2021 is already having a good effect on me as I've started creating again, I've made a lot of orgonites (I'm in the process of taking photos of them) and I've made myself a wand...yes a wand. Last Sunday morning I suddenly felt the need to make myself a wand with crystals and other things. I just needed to get the perfect piece of driftwood. And the funny thing is I found on the previous Friday while I was leaving the beach and it's the one I use as it was the perfect shape I needed (coincidence?). I'm pretty happy with what I4ve made. You can see my wand in the video below.

I'm really feeling motivated now. :)

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