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How to let go of fear?

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

This is a very big question. We live in a world of fear, every day we are told to be scared of something. But by living in fear (even if it is unconsciously) we prevent yourself from receiving all the good things we all deserve.

The very first thing everybody should do is to switch off their TV for good or at least to stop watching or listening to the News. We are mostly shared negative news, rarely positive ones. By stopping letting yourself being influenced by the mainstream media you are going to free yourself from a lot of fear energy. And it will help you be more at peace.

Another thing to do is to learn to listen to your intuition or your heart and stop caring about what other people say or think. You are the only person who knows what is best for yourself.

Then let go of all the toxic people around you and only keep the ones who give you love and positivity. We should all be looking for our soul family. If you are around negative people, toxic people who don't treat you well, let them go. Don't try to keep them in your life. Life is short; keep the right people around you at all time.

Understand what is triggering you, where your emotions are coming from and do some inner healing. If someone says something and it triggers a negative emotion in you, it is because you have something to heal and it has nothing to do with the person. Once you have understood how this works, you will know what is best to do in that kind of occasion. You will know how to recognise a trigger.

Trust that the Universe (or whatever name you want to give it) only wants good things to happen to you. When you learn to trust it and yourself, when you will start to believe in yourself and in deserving only good things in your life, you will attract only what is best for you.

Once you know how not to let yourself be influenced by anything external, you will be at peace.

I decided to write that blog article because we are starting to see articles saying that the C virus is coming back, therefore "they" want people to be scared again. Do not let them succeed in scaring you.

If we all could only vibrate love energy and let go of all the negative energies in the world, we would be able to change that world we live in and make it more beautiful. Remember this.

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