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Learning to receive

I am a giver.

I used to give, give, give and I used to not expect anything in return because I was a people pleaser and people would just take me for granted. I would put other people's well being and happiness before mine just so I could feel accepted. Then I understood what was happening and I started putting myself first, my well-being first and learned to say no.

This year, I'm learning to receive big time. I have people in my life who have been giving me in a way i had never be given anything before. I'm learning to receive and just be thankful for it. It's not easy, it makes me a bit ill-at-ease as I'm not used of it but it is a great feeling to be the one on the receiving end.

Remember there needs to be a balance of energy, if you give you need to receive too and if you receive you need to give too.

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