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My online "creation" shop

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

As I have already let you know, I've been updating my website. I'm still doing it little by little. I wanted to explain the different categories of the shop to make your life a bit easier as you might not understand what their names mean:

  • Coquillages et crustacés: anything made with shells found on the beach

  • Dark green forest: necklaces made with dark green piece of sea glass found on the beach

  • Deep blue see: necklaces made with dark clue piece of sea glass found on the beach

  • Earthy brown: necklaces made with brown piece of sea glass found on the beach

  • Fairy Tales: for creations made with butterfly or fairy wings.

  • I still haven't found what I'm looking for: miscellaneous category where you can find frames, epoxy resin stuffs and anything that doesn't go in the other categories

  • I'm all ears: earrings

  • Keep your keys safe: keyrings

  • Loving pink: necklaces made with pink piece of sea glass found on the beach

  • Macramé love: macramé bracelets

  • Magneto: magnets

  • Mixed colours: for now necklaces made with white piece of sea glass found on the beach

  • Oh! Oh! Oh It's Christmas: creations related to Christmas

  • Oracles / Oracle decks: the oracle decks I have created

  • Orgonites: orgonites

  • Pottery lover: necklaces made with piece of pottery found on the beach

  • Through the stones: necklaces made with pebbles found on the beach

  • Twin flames/flammes jumelles: anything made for people in a twin flame journey

  • Vikings: macramé bracelets made with runes

  • Wollen creations: hats i have knitted

  • Clearances/sales: anything on sale

When on the shop main page, just click on the button related to the category you want to check.

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