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My weight loss journey

I have decided to make 2022 the year during which I will seriously focus on myself, my health and my well-being. I have always had weight problems. I have done a lot of work on myself, a lot of healing work for the last 10 years since I had my spiritual awakening, and today I feel at peace, more serene in my life. So I've decided to take care of my weight issues but not by dieting or going to a gym, but by healing the root cause (s) of this weight problems: emotional / family / energetic / past lives. I have set myself the goal of losing a minimum of 10kg by my birthday on August 16th and have decided to use what I'm going to do to raise money for Parkinson's research at the university of Dundee as I have currently an uncle who has Parkinson and is very sick.

The final objective of my weight loss journey is to reach my ideal weight again and feel good in my body like when I was living in Australia. Thank you in advance to the people who will support me in this stage of my life and who will help me raise money to help the research on Parkinson's disease.

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