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Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Some new stuff to talk about!

I have recently become a Kundalini Reiki master as I have finished my training. So I will be able to offer a new service and add Reiki energy to any product you will buy from me. I had talked about adding intuitively healing energy on the products but instead it will be Kundalini Reiki energy. If you want more information on that other part of what I'm doing feel free to check my Facebook page. I even sometimes write some good stuff when I feel inspired ;p :

Other news, I have finally found some supplies I had been looking for, for some new ideas I've had. So I'm pretty happy. Just need to receive everything now and start creating!

Last thing, when I ordered new and updated business cards, I ordered myself a tote bag to advertise my website. This is a unique piece. Maybe one day, when I have a real logo, I'll sell some goodies to advertise what I'm doing.

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