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Orgonites are back!

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

We always talk about the "right time", "divine timing", "everything happens when it supposed to"...etc

I had been trying to make orgonites, I had made some a few months ago but was not satisfied because I couldn't find exactly the supplies I was looking for and I gave up on making any. On top of that we found ourselves in the world, in a very difficult and stressful situation and my energies and mental health were very, very, very low so not the best time to make orgonite as they should be made with positive energy only.

Finally at the beginning of this month, one day I had the feeling that I needed to search again for what I was looking for to make orgonites (always follow your intuition). I did have a look on Etsy and...yes...I did find what I had been looking for, for a long time! And the shop is even in the UK, which is perfect! Then on the same day, after a conversation with my sister, I looked on Amazon and found another thing I needed and realised I had been looking for the wrong product! And now that order from Amazon which was supposed to arrive sometimes in January, has arrived today!

So I have started making orgonites again and will be selling them on my website. They will be full of positive energy and I can even add Reiki energy to them for those who want some.

(you can see more photos on what I'm making on Instagram )

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