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(Re)Open your heart to love

I was watching a video on YouTube when I suddenly had the idea to write a blog post about opening your heart to love or rather reopening your heart to love.

When we have experienced a disappointment, been mistreated by someone, been used by someone or been betrayed our first reaction is to close our heart to love and create barriers around it to protect ourselves.

Often when we meet someone new, our fears prevent us from giving our trust and love to new people. We can no longer tell the difference between someone good and someone bad for us because our ego makes us believe that everyone wants to hurt us.

We can no longer believe that we have the right or deserve to be loved for who we are, to be accepted, respected and understood. Our negative emotions such as fear and doubt take over and control us.

But here's the thing: when you let your fears and doubts control you, you close yourself off to happiness and true love. You tend to push away the right person(s) for you and deep down you know it and it makes you feel even worse.

Sometimes the feelings you have for someone can also scare you and cause emotional reactions in you. And the result is that you reject the person even though you love them and want to be with them.

What to do?

❤ Learn to love yourself. This is the most important step. Loving ourselves unconditionally is what allows us to attract the right people and open ourselves to true love.

❤ Try to understand why you have attracted people to you who have seen fit to hurt you. What energy are you sending to others? Do you have any childhood traumas to heal? If necessary, seek specialist help to help you heal these traumas.

❤ Think about what kind of relationship (love or friendship) you are looking for. Having a clear idea of what you want will help you attract it to you.

❤ Repeat positive affirmations morning and night to reprogram your brain: I deserve to be loved, I deserve love in my life, I am loved for example.

Everyone has the right to know true love, including you. Don't let it pass you by. Send that text message, that email to that person. Overcome your fears. You can do it.

Have faith! ❤

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