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The importance of forgiveness

I went to another women circle recently, it's theme was "forgiveness". It was one I was really looking forward to, it was supposed to happen at the end of August but got posponned to the 24/09, the Autumn Equinox. It was the perfect day for that women circle as the Autumn Equinox is the best time to let go.

That circle was important for me as I needed to forgive a group of people who treated me badly and what they did, left me in a difficult situation at the end of February this year. I felt it was needed so I could move forward as I was still thinking about what had happened and the way they treated me and it would make me angry. There was still a big energetic cord between us and it was important that I get rid of it. And I did. I forgave every single one of them and most importantly I forgave myself for letting them treating me that way.

I'm free now. If I now think about what has happened or about any of them, I feel peace now, no longer anger. It feels so good. I can now forget about what happened and about those people for good.

Forgiveness is important, do it at your own pace. You can forgive people or forgive yourself or both, but only do it when you are ready. The people you forgive don't need to know that they are forgiven, that's not the point of forgiveness. Forgiveness is important for you, so you can move forward in your life and attract the beautiful things or people you deserve instead of staying stuck in past energies.

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