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Toxic relationship

Today I felt called to talk briefly about toxic relationship. By that I mean that my intuition has been telling me that someone out there needs to read this.

Mostly just to say that if you are in a toxic relationship, it's ok to talk about it and it's ok to get away from it. There's no shame to have because you realised that the person you are with is toxic and manipulative. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Don't be afraid to go outside your comfort zone, and make the jump to a new and better life. To free yourself so you can be with the right person for you.

I know better said than done.

If you have any doubts, you think you might be with a toxic person, but you're not sure of it, what makes a toxic person?

  • They complain about everything and anything all the time;

  • To them, they are always the victim;

  • They are jealous and envious;

  • They don't do anything to be better, to change;

  • They only talk about or care about their own problems;

  • They are always negative;

  • They constantly criticize everything, everybody etc...

We all deserve to be with someone who is going to respect us, accept us fully for who we are, honor us , support us, love us... Someone who is going to understand our silence, someone who is going to respect our emotions, someone who is going to respect our beliefs, someone who is going to make sure that we love ourselves first, someone who is going to let us keep our freedom; someone who is going to respect our individuality etc...

You are going to be ok if you leave that toxic relationship.

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