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Twin Flames

If you go to my Facebook page, you must have noticed that for some time I have been sharing a lot of things about Twin Flames. In fact, I realised earlier this year that I was going through my Twin Flame journey.

Twin Flames are 2 people who have the same soul, they each share a half of this soul. During the creation of the soul, it was divided into 2 and put into 2 different bodies, each of which lived several lives. Twin Flames found each other when both have done the necessary inner work to be able to accomplish and attain unconditional love. The Twin Flames journey is a complicated journey, with a lot of suffering because before you reach unconditional love there are still emotional wounds to heal. And very often during this journey the 2 twin flames experience what is called their dark night of the soul.

I will tell you about my experience and what I have realised.

I only found out about Twin Flames after moving to Scotland in 2018, before that I had never heard of it. A few months after my arrival in Scotland, I started having sensations and I thought it was related to a guy that I found cute but of course I realised after meeting my "twin" that it was him that I already felt, even before having "met" him physically.

What I find interesting is that while I was still living in France, I was helped by mediums to advance in my spiritual path and each time they gave me an energy healing (remotly) my energy was so pure and high that I felt a love so strong it was overwhelming and I felt a presence beside me as well. At the time they told me that I felt the one who would be "my future husband" but at no time was the term "Twin Flames" used, whereas given the power of the love that I felt it was clearly my twin who manifested himself to me. When I mentioned my wish to move to Scotland they insisted that I be careful to leave at the right time so that I could meet him and even said that I left too early and missed him. Except of course I left exactly when I needed to and everything fell into place for me to meet him when it was the right time for both of us.

So I met my twin at the end of 2019 and you must be wondering how it went: was there a connection at first sight? Not at all. I'm not going to tell you how I met him or where, but when it arrived I was stressed and worried about stuff and it wasn't until those concerns were gone that I opened my eyes and felt the connection. It was extremely strong and intense. And I know he felt it too and didn't understand what was going on. The energy was really, really strong. Afterwards, as you know, there was the pandemic, the lockdowns and because of that I could no longer see him. It was then that I had my dark night of the soul - the worst time of my life. I felt completely abandoned and couldn't stand the separation. But over time I managed to overcome this negative period and thanks to the Reiki Kundalini training that I did at the end of last year, I was able to cleanse our energy connection and cleanse any dependency that I might had be feeling towards him. On his side, he lives his own issues. We have never been able to talk about our connection yet, he is not at all interested in spirituality and until we can see each other physically, the subject can hardly be broached.

Although we do not see each other, I feel him energetically every day and I know when he is thinking of me. By the way I think that must disturb him because that's the sort of thing he doesn't know. Sometimes I even feel his presence at night, as if he were there with me and he has come to visit me in my dreams several times. And then I keep seeing the number 11 everywhere, all the time and that number represents Twin Flames. I feel that our reunion is near and although not all Twin Flame journey end in a relationship, I know that is what awaits us and I understand why I have experienced all these things in my life, it was to prepare me for the best of relationships.

There is something else that I have realised since the beginning of the year, when I was younger I dreamed of a man, always the same, whom I did not know and he looked like my twin. Every time he appeared in my dreams he hugged me and I always felt safe and secure with him. And the description of my "ideal man" that I have had for a very long time also matches him. I have always felt his presence somehow and can't wait to discuss it with him to see if it was the same for him.

Each Twin Flames journey is different, my experience will not correspond to yours because it is unique to myself and my twin.

Also know that everyone on the planet has a Twin Flame but not everyone meets theirs in this lifetime. This runion requires and provokes a spiritual awakening and forces the twins to do intense inner work which not everyone is ready to do in this life. My spiritual awakening took place in 2011 and so it has been a long time since I started this healing work on myself, which is still ongoing. I know that what I do for me is having a positive impact on my twin and is helping him move forward in his own healing. And that the ETRs (Energy Transfer Reset) that I do every day also help him since we share the same soul.

If you have met your Twin Flame, continue to heal yourself even if it is hard at times, the light is really at the end of the tunnel.

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