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Unconditional Love

Do you remember the musical "Notre Dame de Paris" which came out in 1998? I was 18 at the time and was a fan of the songs. In the song "Vivre" Esmeralda says the phrase "give without expecting anything in return".

For years I have had this sentence coming back to me regularly in my mind as well as "love without expecting anything in return" and for a long time I told myself that it was bullshit that we could not give love to someone without expecting anything in return. Then being on a Twin Flame journey, I understood what these sentences meant.

When you love someone unconditionally, you love without expecting anything in return, which means you give love without expecting anything in return. All you want is for the person you love to be happy no matter what.

When you are on a Twin Flame journey, the emotional healing that you are led to do on this journey leads you first to love yourself unconditionally and then to love your Twin Flame unconditionally. Which means that whatever situation you and your Twin Flame are in, you love your Twin Flame so much that you only want their happiness even if you are not in a relationship with them, or not in contact. You give them your love which is very strong, very powerful without expecting anything in return from them.

That's exactly how I feel. I love my Twin Flame unconditionally, I just want him to be happy. Whatever love I give him and whatever how I give it to him, I don't expect anything from him in return.

What about you?

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