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When did we stop caring?

When did we stop caring? When did we stop having compassion? Empathy? Understanding?

With the lockdowns, forcing people to cut themselves from the rest of the world, isolating those who lived alone (like for me), scaring those who get easily influenced by the external world, we have lost our humanity. A lot of people have stopped caring about others around them, a lot of people don't seem to know what compassion and empathy are anymore. And the possibility to keep working from home and not having or having hardly any interraction with other people is only going to make things worse in my opinion.

I had been working from home for almost 2 years when I lost 2 uncles in a 3 months period and I didn't get any support at all, was not shown any compassion or empathy by any of my colleagues at that time. They didn't care at all about me and about how I was feeling. Not at all.

When I lost a 3rd member of my family 3 months after, i was working at a new place and was working in the office everyday. I received support and understanding at that time.

You see my point?

Human beings need interaction, socialisation it is what makes us...human. Do we want to become robot?

No we don't.

Open your eyes again people. Look around you. Smile, laugh, have fun, enjoy life and being with other people. If you see someone who is not ok, give them a smile, make them laugh, show them they're not alone. Don't ignore them. It could be you one day and how would you feel if nobody was giving you any support when you need it the most?

Open your heart to the world. If you give "love" to the world, you will receive "love" from it. Put yourself in other people's shoes and try to understand how they feel. You have no idea on how a simple smile, simple text message or email or phone call can help brighten someone's life.

Give love.

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