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Statue de Bouddha

My services / Mes prestations

Vous trouverez tous mes services ci-dessous. Certains d'entre eux sont offerts de façon temporaire lors d'offre spéciale uniquement.

Mes prestations ne remplacent pas un avis ou un traitement médical.

You'll find all my services below. Some of them are offered on a temporary basis during special offers only.

My services do not replace medical advice or treatment.


Session de coaching de vie spirituel

Spiritual life coaching session

You're feeling lost. You feel stagnant in your life and are looking for the answers, the solutions to help you get the life you've been dreaming of ? Book a spiritual life coaching session with me.


Soins énergétiques 

Energy healings

I offer a choice of energy healings you can purchase. Energy healings are always done remotely. 

Jeu de cartes de tarot

Offre spéciale Special offer


Card reading

I will offer, from time to time, card readings or guidances. Keep an eye on my website to find out when they will be available.

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