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2022 Dundee Kiltwalk?

As you know I'm doing a fundraising to help the University of Dundee find a cure for Parkinson. I have set a goal which is to "release*" 10kg by my birthday in August. I have already released 4kg and I'm confident that I will succeed in my goal.

I have just lost another member of my family, the 3rd one in the past 6 months which is a lot and hard emotionally. This comes on top of other negative things that have happened in my life recently.

You're probably going to think that I'm not lucky and that 2022 is a bad year. Well no. I don't think I'm not lucky at all. First I'm where I'm supposed to be right now, with the people I'm supposed to be. Anybody/anything that is no longer in my life was not meant to be in it anymore and was not good for me. I'm moving toward realising my goals and my dreams.

The Universe has decided that it was time for members of my family to leave us, it is really hard but this is what their soul had decided before they were born. Our souls decide what will happen to us in our lives before we are born so we can learn the right life lessons. It makes you understand how it is important to enjoy life and realise your dreams as well as be with the right people for us. If you have toxic people in your life right now, let them go and free yourself so the right people for you can be with you and help make your life better.

What has happens has made me think and I'm considering maybe doing the Dundee Kitwalk again but not the 25miles this time, only the 12miles. It would still be to raise money for finding a cure for Parkinson but on top of it it would in memory of the members of my family who have left us.

If you're reading this and are in Dundee and would like doing the Kiltwalk with me let me know. The last time I did it alone, this time it would be nice to have people with me.

*when you lose something you want it back and you get it back, so saying you are losing weight means you are expected to get it back. By using the word release you make sure you're not asking for it to come back.

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