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I am ready for love

Updated: May 26, 2023

I felt called to write a blog article after listening to a podcast with Jake Woodard. His profile was suggested to me on Instagram and I've been following him for a few months. I don't know why his instagram appeared in my feed but today while listening to him, I understood why.

I've already written a blog about the healing process I've done at the start of the year and which has been life changing for me. I've dealt with past traumas which have had a huge impact on my love life.

I've not had good experiences with men and this started during my childhood. It made me really scared of being hurt by men, and I simply built a "wall" around my heart to protect it and me. And to be honest, I've probably scared away some very nice guys because of it.

But as I said, at the start of the year I've dealt with some big childhood traumas and I'm free from them now. I understand a lot more my past behaviour now and how I was controlled by my emotions. Now, I am in control of my emotion.

I'm finally ready to have a beautiful and balanced relationship. And I now can be the best version of me with a man and be there for him the way he deserves it and not the way I want. And I think the universe has been showing me Jake Woodard's Instagram to help me understand better what men want and what is best to do, to have the relationship we all dream of.

So what is it? In short it is related to our masculine and feminine energies. We all have both and it is important to have them balanced. But society has made women being into their masculine energy too much which means they don't let men be in theirs, and has made men not wanting to be in their feminine energy at all as showing emotions, for example, is called a sign of weakness for men.

(Message from the book "A woman's blessing" I got on 23/05/2023)

I'm not going to give explanations and say what both men and women need to do, this is not why I'm writing this blog. If you want to know more, have a look at Jake Woodard social medias, he explains everything pretty clearly.

The reason I'm writing this, is to send the message out-there, to the universe, to my future partner whoever he is, that I have understood and I am now ready for letting love entering my life seriously.

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