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Past Lives

Have you ever wondered if your past lives impacted your current life?

I offer guidance to help you understand what needs to be cleansed and energetically healed in order for you to move forward in your life.


I did a little reading for myself with my "Past Lives" oracle, just out of curiosity and the cards that fell (I do not choose the cards but take the ones that fall when I shuffle) correspond perfectly to me:

Loneliness: “My soul has been deeply marked by loneliness. In my past lives, I ran away from others and that loneliness has built an energetic shell around me today. - the full meaning of this card matches perfectly.

Personal Creation: “In my past lives I have always been a creator. My soul needs to create with its hands. I need to be in a field where I am exploiting my personal abilities and skills. - The full meaning of this card matches perfectly. I still feel this urge to create with my hands.

Helping Others: “I am a soul who has been in helping others very often in my past lives. It is part of my life mission. My soul needs to feel useful. The full meaning of this card matches perfectly. And I am making sure that my life mission become my main activity at 100%.


This guidance will give you indications on the work to be done to free yourself from the blockages linked to your past lives. I will add cards from my "Energy Liberation" oracle to go a bit deeper.

Also if you wish, you can add a Reiki healing to heal past lives, to this guidance.

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