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Pre-order the oracles I have created

The moment you've all been waiting for is coming!

It will finally be possible for you to pre-order the oracles that I have created and that I have been using for some time in my videos on YouTube. At the moment there are 5 available:

  • The Oracle of Time (L'Oracle du Temps) (55 cards)

  • The Oracle of Divine Love (L'Oracle de l' Amour Divin) (78 cards)

  • The Oracle of Twin Flames (L'Oracle des Flammes Jumelles) (78 cards)

  • The Oracle Messages from your Guides (L'Oracle Messages de vos guides) (76 cards)

  • The Oracle of the Divine Feminine (L'Oracle du Féminin Sacré) (61 cards)

Others will soon be added to this list:

The Oracle of the Life Purpose (L'Oracle du Chemin de vie) (62 cards)

The Oracle of the Divine Masculine (L'Oracle du Masculin Sacré)

It will be possible to buy the Oracles of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine together when they are both available.

As indicated, this will first be a pre-order, it will be open for a limited time. Once this is over, I will order the oracles to be printed. They will then be sent to me, if all goes well, within 4 working days. Then it will be up to me to ship them to you.

You will need patience to receive them, it will not always be like that but at the beginning it is necessary. You can easily contact me after placing the order if you have any questions, and I will make sure to keep you informed.

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