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Warrior Women

This year has been pretty difficult for me with a lot of difficult, sad and traumatising situations which have happened to me. But at the same time there were positive synchronicities appearing in my life. One of them is meeting my friend Alexandra. She is a beautiful and amazing woman. And thanks to her I have been able to meet more members of my soul family, my tribe as I call these beautiful women I have met. It feels so good to be able to talk about spirituality and how you see life freely and to express emotions freely knowing you are understood and you will never be judged. I'm really grateful for the Universe to have allowed me to meet them, especially after having been so badly treated by other people who didn't respect who I was.

Alexandra has a new website and she included me in it, in her "Warrior women" section so I decided to share her website with you. If you live in Dundee or around Dundee, feel free to contact her she is really great.

She organises Women Circle which are safe places for women. I have participated to a few and they've been really helpful.

It is really important to be around people who vibrate with the same energy as you, people who will uplift you instead of pulling you down, people who will understand you instead of judging or criticised you. Your life will change for the better once you only have your soul family around you.

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