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Having a different opinion

I'm writing this article because I received a message from someone I don't know at all and who tried to write a negative review on my website thinking it would be automatically published. That person wrote a negative review which has nothing to do with what I'm doing but is related to my opinion on a certain subject. That person probably found a link for my website on a social network.

I have a different opinion than the general opinion on that particular subject and that person thought it would be good to say bad things about me because of it. Because let's be honest, nowadays if your opinion is different than the general one, whatever the subject, you're a bad person and you only have the right to shut up.

It's ok to have different opinions, it's ok to think different, it's ok to be different and if anybody tells you otherwise, just ignore them they're not worth your energy and your time.

In the world there will always be people who think they are better than you, that what they think, say is the truth and the only truth. But that's their problem and you don't have to listen to them if they try to force you agreeing with them.

The only thing to do, is to accept and respect people's opinion and not try to force yours on them. You can still be friend with someone even if they don't think the same than you do.

By being nasty, negative with someone who thinks differently than you, you just show who you really are.

I've always had a different way of thinking, seeing the world and I've not met a lot of people who actually accept me completely for who I am. On the contrary, I often feel I don't belong because if I try to say something different, I'm usually ask to shup up.

I'm really grateful for the few people who accept me for who I am.

(I love you guys)

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