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"Message in the bottle"

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Like all of you, I'm stuck at home and I'm only able to go out for "exercise" once a day. I'm very lucky because I live at a short walking distance from a beach so my daily exercise consists on walking on the beach doing one of my favourite activities: beachcombing.

So since I had to start working from home in my tiny flat, I've been going for walks every day and I've been finding plenty of pieces of sea glass, pottery and beautiful stones.

In one week I even found 3 heart-shaped stones, something quite rare! I see this as a sign.

In 2 days I have found 2 " positive messages" on the beach. Same message, from the same person one on a stone and the other one on a piece of sea glass. What was the chance for me to find both of them? The beach is big and obviously I'm not the only one going for walk there. I believe everything happens for a reason and I see this, too, as a sign. A sign I need to do the same and spread positive messages for people to find. So this week-end I'm going to start writing messages on stones I have found on the beach, hoping that someone will find them and that they will put a smile one someone's face. :)

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