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Oracle decks

Not long ago I was looking into buying a new oracle deck when suddently I realised that I didn't need to keep buying oracle decks made by other people but could create my own. So I started working on one using Canva, then another one, then another one, and another one. I suddenly had created 4 oracle decks.

That was only the 1st part. Then I had to find how I was going to have them printed so I could get a copy for myself and use them. And reprinted for people who would want to buy them.

I searched online, asked on Facebook. I was given the name of the website based in the USA but the delivery fees were too expensive and the delay to receive the order was too long. So i kept searching and found a website based in the UK. I placed an order for the first 2 oracle decks and I will receive them next week.

All oracle decks will be both in French and English.

This is pretty exciting!

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