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Signs that you are healing

I have already talked about the counselling sessions I've had at the start of the year and which have changed my life for the better and who I am as a person, so I won't go there again (just check my blog).

I have told you I had been following someone call Jake Woodard since his Instagram account was suggested to me one day.

Well yesterday, one of his old videos was suggested to me on YouTube "HEALING: 10 Signs You Are Healing". I watched that video today and I was like: OMG yes! yes that's me!!!

Of course I knew I was healing, that I had done a big jump forward in my healing journey but that video has helped me seeing this more clearly.

The 10 points are:

  1. You don't get triggered as often

  2. You don't feel the need to control everything

  3. You are willing to set up healthy boundaries

  4. You don't please other people because you feel guilt

  5. Your ego is no longer in control of your life

  6. You speak your truth with love and clarity

  7. You aren't seeking external validation

  8. You are more compationate with yourself

  9. You feel worthy of love, joy and abundance

  10. You don't force things because you are more in a natural flow

Healing is important in my opinion, but it needs to be done when it is the right time and without being forced on you. It is important that we realise when we need to change or/and change things in our life. No-one should tell you what to do or ask you to change just to make THEM feel better or happier.

If you feel ready to go on your healing journey but don't know what to do, first I'd look into what is triggering you. How do you react to what people do or say?

Once you start understanding this, you'll be able to think about your past and what traumas and wounds need to be healed.

Take your time, do it at your own pace. Make sure you have the right people around you. You'll see the more you heal, the more the right ones will stay in your life or enter it.

I know you can do it. I believe in you.

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