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Goodbye 2022...Hello 2023!

Well I have already written a post about what 2022 has been for me so there's not much more to add to it. I find it a bit depressing that it is already the end of the year but I'm glad that year is over.

One thing I want to add to what I have previously said is that I have decided that I wanted to stay where I'm working at the moment as a temp. I love my team, everyone is awesome and I have the best team manager ever. So I'd rather stay in a job with a lower salary than what I'm used to get but with an amazing team I love, than getting a higher salary and find myself in a team that is not nice like I've had in the past. Being happy at work is very important. And I trust the universe to bring me any money I might need in some unexpected ways.

So I've asked the universe for what I want to happen in my life in 2023, I trust it will give me what is best for me as it always does and that I will meet and be with whoever I'm supposed to be with. There will be more life lessons, more healing of course but I will keep going forward on my life path.

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