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Time for a change!

Yes it is time for me to bring some change in my life. I've been living in the same place, in the same area and city for 4 years now so it's time for me to change scenery so, no I'm not leaving Scotland, but I will move to a new area of Scotland.

Change is good. Getting outside your comfort zone is good and you know what? The best life experiences happen when you go outside your comfort zone. So take that leap of faith people!

Since I've made that decision, the universe has put in my path someone living where I want to move and who is into spirituality like me. When you make the decision to go outside your comfort zone, you get rewarded by the universe and blockages disappear.

Regarding my twin flame journey, I'm concentrating on my wellbeing and my life and trusting the universe. And it is giving me signs like last week when I went to a women circle about body love and got a message about my twin flame when everybody else got something related to their body issues. Thank you universe!

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